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Industry Solutions

WeChat Developer Challenge (WDC) is a platform empowering organizations and service providers to connect, explore mutual opportunities, and create impactful WeChat industry solutions and standards.

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For Organizations

It offers an opportunity to present technical challenges to WeChat service providers in their region and globally.

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For Service Providers

It is a certificate demonstrating their expertise in developing local or cross-border WeChat solutions.

WeChat Tools

Independently develop WeChat industry solutions using the tools below.

WeChat Pay

China’s leading mobile payments provider allows organizations to engage with over 800 million monthly active consumers.

WeChat Pay also offers intelligent omnichannel payment solutions, including

  • Quick Pay using WeChat Pay payment codes.
  • QR Code Payment.
  • Mini Program and Official Account Payment.
  • In-App and Web Payment.

Register for a WeChat Official Account to integrate WeChat Pay.

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