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WeChat solutions provide airports with essential digital upgrades and targeted opportunities to engage with
Chinese consumers from “house door to cabin door, and cabin door to house door,”  including:

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Intelligent services via flight check-in feature within the Mini Program and QR- code scanning at the security check.

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Smart retail by integrating WeChat Official Account online stores with offline stores.

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Enhanced communication via real- time travel enquiry features within Official Accounts.

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And Many More!

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New Zealand’s Auckland Airport duty-free Mini Program creates an efficient retail experience for Chinese travelers by enabling them to shop online in advance and pick-up duty-free goods upon arrival or before departure at the airport using only their personal flight information.

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Mini Program features several service modules, such as duty-free shopping, flight inquiry, transfer information and pre-travel planning. Users have direct access to flight and airport information in Chinese.

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